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Midnight Tales #8


Image of Midnight Tales #8

Massive 116 internal pages with 27 stories to fuel the pulp enthusiast!
Stories by - J.H. Preston, Scott Urban, Tom, Balko, Micael Paige, Josh Poole, J. Rocky Colavito, Kurt Newton, Derek Austin Johnson, Tony Bacon, Shane Porteous, R.K. Latch, Andrew Lahlum, G.Warlock Vance, Frederick Pangbourne, J.E. Smith, Brian Dubois, Greg Patrick, Eric Stanway, Evan Baughfman, James North, Robert Monell, Matthew Ross, LaVerne Spencer McCarthy, Terry Alexander, Graham Swanson, Corinne Adams. Front and back cover by the legendary Allen Koszowski with Midnight Gallery showcase Stephen M. Rupp, Brian Postman, Uncle Cadaver, Corinne Adams... This series is now in Magazine format, there are hours and hours of reading... don't miss out!